Two New Plan Administrators for the CNPP

The CNPP now has two new Plan administrators in place for all members except those in the Nirex Section.  The Nirex Section will continue to be administered by Barnett Waddingham.

If you have Defined Benefits (DB) or a combination of DB & Defined Contribution (DC) Benefits (Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCS) or Shift Pay Pension Plan (SPPP) you should contact Equiniti as they are the lead administrator.

Equiniti’s contact details are:

Post:           Combined Nuclear Pension Plan
                   PO Box 5167
                   Lancing  BN99 9AY

 Phone:       UK   0333 207 6523
Overseas    +44(0) 121 415 0906



If you have only DC benefits (new joiner structure) you should contact Aegon.

Aegon’s contact details are:

Post:           Aegon Workplace Investing
                   PO Box 17486
                   Edinburgh  EH12 1NU

Phone:       01733 353 414

The two new Plan administrators will be introducing improvements to the service you receive.  Over the next six months both Plan administrators will be introducing new on-line services for you to access your pension information. Due to the nature of the different benefit types you will have different types of functionality depending on your category of membership. On Equiniti’s site you will be able to run some calculations and see copies of your benefit statements from 2019 onwards. If you are receiving your pension you will be able to look at your payslips, change your address along with other information.  If you are a DC member, on the Aegon site you will have the ability to model different scenarios for your retirement and make changes to your investment choices. Once both sites are up and running you will be given login details directly from the administrators.

If you are a DC member or have DC benefits, Aegon have advised that from December 2019 ​your new TargetPlan service is available for you to access and view and manage your pension savings account.  To get details of the easy steps to access your TargetPlan service, please click here.

Please note, due to the transition of administration records, development of new systems and processes the Plan administrators are undertaking a prioritisation of work-scope. Both Plan administrators are working hard to ensure all members receive information and payments in a timely manner and the return to business as usual timescales.