Management of the CNPP

The CNPP needs a Trustee body to be responsible for the assets of the Plan and to ensure delivery of scheme benefits. The NDA has created a Trustee company and those selected as trustees are directors of that company. 

CNPP Board

The CNPP Board structure is made up of nine trustee directors:

  • Three nominated by the members
  • Three professional independent trustees
  • Three nominated by the NDA

Those nominated by the NDA come from its senior managers or Board members.  There is a statutory requirement that one third of the trustee directors are member nominated.  It must be emphasised of course, that all trustee directors are required to act impartially in the interests of all the beneficiaries of the CNPP, both members and employers.  The Trustee has clearly defined duties and responsibilities to ensure that it is operated in accordance with the trust documentation and legislation.