Shift Pay Pension Plan 'SPPP'

This section relates to the majority of members whose Shift pay is pensioned through the SPPP. For the minority of members who chose to have their Shift pay pensioned through the CPS in 1991, this section will not apply, and Shift pay will be pensioned through the Plan.

Contributions to the SPPP

The minimum rate at which you contribute to the SPPP is 5.0% of your Pensionable Shift Pay. You can elect to make changes to your SPPP contribution level each month to 7.5%, 10%,12.5%, 15%, and in similar increments up to 100% of your Pensionable Shift Pay.

Your employer will also contribute to the SPPP. These contributions will be at a level agreed between your employer and the Trustee, having taken advice from the Scheme Actuary. However, your employer’s contributions are subject to a minimum of 6% of your Pensionable Shift Pay.

Investment Choice

Your SPPP contributions are invested in funds of your choice from a prescribed range and held in your investment account. If you do not make a decision on the investment of your contributions then they will be invested in the Plan default fund chosen by the Trustee.  Further details on the default fund and the other funds available are in the SPPP investment guide. The SPPP investment guide and more detailed information on all of the funds available such as the fund factsheets can be obtained by clicking on the links from this page or by contacting the DC Plan administrator, Aegon on Tel: 01733 353 414; email:

Chair's statement

Costs and charges information in relation to your investment account are reported every year in the Chairman’s statement which is part of the Trustee's Annual Report and the latest report is below. 


The SPPP is a money purchase arrangement and your accumulated fund can be used to do a combination of the following: take some of your accumulated fund as cash and use the remainder to buy yourself an extra pension by purchasing an annuity contract with an insurance company; transfer your DC investment account to an external pension provider and continue to invest it or use it to fund a flexi-access drawdown arrangement; and/or use your accumulated fund to provide a cash lump sum in certain circumstances. If you have any questions on these retirement options, please see the  “Frequently Asked Questions” for members with defined contribution AVCs and Shift Pay Pension Plan contributions or contact the DC Plan administrator, Aegon on Tel: 01733 353 414; email:

Death benefits prior to retirement

On death before retirement, your accumulated fund will be paid to your Dependants.

On death in service, your lump sum will be enhanced to two times the annual rate of your Pensionable Shift Pay (as pensioned under the SPPP) at the date of your death if your accumulated fund is less than this amount.