Introduction to the Plan

Welcome to the Combined Nuclear Pension Plan (“the Plan”).  The Plan is a pension arrangement for eligible workers in the nuclear industry. This is your guide to the range of benefits which you are entitled to as a member of the Plan.

Defined Contribution Structure benefits will be provided to new employees who join the Plan. Subject to any information requirements, membership is automatic.

What is the Defined Contribution Structure?

The Plan is an ‘occupational pension scheme’.  The Defined Contribution Structure is a section within the Plan. It offers a way of providing you with an income in your retirement. Over the years, you and your employer will both make contributions to the Plan which will be invested in funds of your choice from a prescribed range. When you retire, you can use your DC investment account to do a combination of the following: take some of it as cash and use the remainder to buy yourself a pension by purchasing an annuity contract with an insurance company; transfer your accumulated fund to an external pension provider and continue to invest it or use it to fund a flexi-access drawdown arrangement; and/or use your accumulated fund to provide a cash lump sum in certain circumstances.  If you have any questions on these retirement options, please see the "Frequently Asked Questions" for all members of the New Joiners Benefit Structure or contact the DC Plan administrator (telephone: 01733 353 414; email:  It should also be possible for you to take some of your benefits as a tax-free lump sum. 

The Plan is set up as a trust. Contributions paid into the Plan by members and employers are held within this trust and can only be used for Plan purposes.  Responsibility for the operation of the Plan rests with a trustee board (“the Trustee”). This trustee board includes member-nominated trustees.

Do I have to remain in the Plan?

You have the right to ‘opt out’ of (leave) the Plan.  If you do you will then be treated as any other leaver (please refer to “Leaving the Plan” for more details).  If you change your mind, you will have one opportunity to re-enter the Plan.

Important note

This website is a guide to the main benefits and conditions of the Plan. It does not cover every aspect – the full details are contained in the Trust Deed and Rules, specifically in the “New Joiners” schedule, which will be the legal basis of the Plan. Nothing on this website can replace the Trust Deed and Rules, and if there is any difference, the Trust Deed and Rules will apply.  A copy of the Trust Deed and Rules can be obtained by downloading a copy from this website.